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"I'll show you a place, high on a desert plain, where the streets have no name"
U2, From "Joshua Tree" album

U2 Joshua Tree Album

The cover shot of the album is the band standing at Zabriski Point in Death Valley National Park in California, USA.

U2 The Joshua Tree

One of the most successful albums by Irish band U2 is "The Joshua Tree", which was released in 1987.


The Joshua Tree
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U2's first No. 1 album and the 1987 Grammy award-winner for "Album of the Year"

The Joshua Tree was produced Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.



Album features shots of the band standing with a lone Joshua Tree that were supossedly taken in the Lee Flat area. The actual tree fell over a couple of years ago.

U2 Joshua Tree
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U2 Joshua Tree


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Joshua Tree Desert in April
Joshua Tree April 2005

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