Joshua Tree Pictures - Old Abandoned Rusty Cars in the Desert at Wall Street Mill
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Photos of abandoned classic automobiles left to rust in the Mojave desert in Joshua Tree National Park.
Wall Street Mill in Joshua Tree National Park is one of the best preserved in the western US.
Artifacts of human activity in this area, abandoned over 60 years ago, all wonderfully preserved by hot, dry and peaceful desert environment.
Rusty old trucks beneath oak trees slowly sink into the desert sand, with shreds of the tires still on, doors torn off, and their engines exposed.
lost-vintage-car old_abandoned_car old_car_in_desert old-abandoned-automobile old-abandoned-car-carcass
Lost vintage car Old abandoned car Old car in desert Old abandoned auto Old abandoned carcass
old_abandoned_rusty_cars old-automobile-rusty-vintage old-car-in-Joshua-Tree old-rusted-car-body old-rusted-vintage-car
Old abandoned rusty car Old automobile rusty Old car in Joshua Tree Old rusted car body Old rusted vintage car
old-rusty-vintage-car rusted-vintage-car rusty-vintage-automobile rusty-vintage-steering-wheel Joshua Tree Park
Full Moon Night
Coachella Valley
Old rusty vintage car Rusted vintage car Rusty vintage automobile Rusty vintage steering


Wall Street Mill in Joshua Tree National Park is an old ore processing mill included in National Register of Historic Sites.
Originally owned by F. Morgan and operated by Bill Keys the mill still stands with its machinery preserved intact, but all rusted.
You can still see wooden structures with the machinery inside, original rubber conveyer belts, even tin cans scattered on the floor.

abandoned-Mill-in abandoned-Mill-in-Joshua-Tree abandoned-Mill-inside abandoned-Mill-rail abandoned-well-in-desert
Abandoned Mill Abandoned Mill Inside abandoned Mill Abandoned Mill rail Abandoned desert well


Joshua Tree Desert


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Joshua Tree April 2005

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