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Joshua Tree Desert in April
Joshua Tree April 2005
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Joshua Tree - Yucca Brevifolia

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About Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is a unique place located in Southern California, about 140 miles east of Los Angeles, near Palm Springs. The eastern part is the low-lying Colorado Desert, and the western side of the park is Mojave desert.

Joshua Tree National Park was declared a National Monument on 10th of August 1936 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and redesignated a National Park 31 October 1994.

The original Public Law passed by Congress set aside 825,000 acres as Joshua Tree National Monument. In 1950, the monument was reduced to 560,000 acres. The 1994 Desert Protection Act restored 234,000 acres and upgraded the monument to a National Park.

Acreage as of 2000:
Federal Land - 954,242.68
Nonfederal Land - 63,505.35
Gross Area Acres - 1,017,748.03

Joshua Tree National Park is opened year round. The peak visitation month is April. Each season adds its personality to the desert's character. Two deserts come together at Joshua Tree National Park. The Colorado Desert, occupying the eastern half of the park, is dominated by the abundant creosote bush. The higher, slightly cooler and wetter Mojave Desert is the special habitat of the Joshua tree, extensive stands of which occur throughout the western half of the park.


Joshua trees, Yucca Brevifolia, are found only in North America in the states of California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada. Confined mostly to the Mojave Desert between 2,000 and 6,000 feet, they thrive in the open grasslands of Queen Valley and Lost Horse Valley in Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua trees can grow from seed or from an underground rhizome of another Joshua tree. They are slow growers, managing less than an inch a year. The trunk of a Joshua tree is made of thousands of small fibers and lacks annual growth rings, making it difficult to determine its age. This tree is not very sturdy because of its shallow root area and top-heavy branch system. But, if it survives the rigors of the desert, it can live a couple hundred years.

One of the most beautiful spectacles in spring is the creamy-white blossoms of blooming Joshua trees. These white candles can be seen from February to late April. Joshua trees do not branch until after they bloom and they don’t bloom every year. [ More ]

Joshua Tree Park Map

Joshua Tree Map

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